we source locally and organic as much as possible. Check out our list of local suppliers currently available at Rutabaga...


throughout the design process, sustainability and eco-friendly materials were paramount in our choices.
  • sustainable bamboo flooring
  • concrete surfaces - a renewable and recyclable material
  • our bar stool seating is made of steel with 30% recycled content and wood sourced from a small lumber yard that mills trees felled by telephone companies.
  • our wall art is living plants and our staghorn ferns are mounted on upcycled palette wood planks
  • our brick wall is made of antique salvaged brick cut into thin veneer tiles
  • we chose zero VOC paints to coat our walls and recycled content mortar to hang our brick tiles.


We aim to minimize our impact in all of our processes from sourcing products locally to minimizing waste.
  • all of our food scraps and fruit pulp produced by our Norwalk is fed to pigs, a more sustainable process than just composting by reusing it as food and reducing greenhouse gas emmission. Presently our compost goes to the very happy pigs at Black Bottom Farms.
  • Our packaging is made of earth-friendly renewable sources like plant-based plastics or sugar cane pulp containers, recycled content and compostable papers, etc. 
  • We recycled nearly everything and encourage our suppliers to do the same.
  • We choose local when we can, reducing shipping costs and therefore carbon emissions.