+ What is a cold-pressed juice and why is it different than other juices?

A cold-pressed juice is extracted without the build-up of heat and oxidation that other juicers, like the standard centrifugal juicer, produce. Big brand juices from the supermarket undergo high-heat pasteurization which kills all the bad bugs but also kills your juice's nutritional content as well. A cold-pressed juicer like the Norwalk Model 280 used at Rutabaga, extracts juice using a slow, dull gear that produces a loose, wet pulp that is then placed in a cloth under a hydraulic press that separates the nutrient-dense juice from the fiber. The result is a juice with a beautiful texture, vibrant color, and more importantly, the highest amount of nutrients we can possibly capture. Nutritionally, it is the ultimate way to juice - but we love it more because the flavor and texture are unbeatable.

+ What is the shelf-life of a cold-pressed juice?

Many are surprised to find that juices produced on a centrifugal juicer have less than a 1-hour shelf life due to its exposure to heat and rapid oxidation during the extraction process. Cold-pressed juices like that produced by Rutabaga however, are good for up to 3 days when stored in an air-tight vessel like a mason jar in your refrigerator. Because of the slower and more careful extraction process of cold-pressed juices, the nutritional content is preserved much longer. Some cold-pressed juices in the supermarket have undergone a process called HPP (high-pressure processing) which extends the shelf-life of these juices further by preventing microbial growth through pressure (similar to pasteurization but without heat). This allows for greater resale capabilities. The jury is still out as to the preservation of nutrients under HPP conditions.

+ What is a 'Blend' and how is it different than your juices?

We stray away from the use of the word 'smoothie' because it's often associated with less-healthy drinks containing sorbets, ice creams, or additives with names like 'immunity booster' that have mysterious ingredients. Our Blends are made strictly from fruits & vegetables, organic grains, spices or superfoods like raw cacao (chocolate in it's raw form) or maca (a south-american root vegetable great for the endocrine system). Some are more lucious in their consistency like our gorgeous No. 55 [creamsicle] that whips up so rich in our vitamix, while others are more like a chocolate milk consistency like our No. 377 [protein]. These are a better choice if your tummy has a rumble and you're craving something more satisfying to your hunger pang.

+ I ordered a Blend and some of my fruit came out of the freezer! I thought everything was fresh?

Don't panic! We don't sell you watered down drinks at Rutabaga by adding ice to your Blend - so we freeze some of our fruit to act as 'ice' bases in your drink. This helps the consistency of the drink and improves the drinking experience. All of our frozen fruit comes through our doors initially fresh from the farm and then we individually freeze them ourselves. We freeze in very small batches so nothing sits in our freezer for more than a few days, ensuring you still get the most out of everything that goes in your cup.

+ Do you sell juice cleanses or detox's?

We believe everyone has their own unique path to health and our nutritional needs are widely varied. So we don't package pre-designed cleanses or detox's for you to follow. We leave that up to you or your nutritionist. We DO however, sell our juices in packs of 3 and packs of 6 on an order ahead basis. Feel free to visit our order ahead page and choose 3 or 6 juices to pick-up to incorporate into your juicing regimen, in whatever form that may be.

+ Do you only sell drinks or can I get food too?

We aren't just liquid. We sell breakfast items like our bircher muesli and our local granola bowls as well as a rotating light lunch menu of salads, sandwiches and treats like chia puddings and energy balls. OUR LUNCH ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE FROM 11AM UNTIL STOCKS RUN OUT. All of our food is vegetarian and we often accommodate vegan, gluten-free, and raw diets. If you are only coming for lunch we recommend calling ahead to check out stock levels as it is not uncommon for us to sell out.

+ Are all your fruits and vegetables organic?

We have a strong belief in local and organic food. Unfortunately, produce markets are finicky and are heavily influenced by market fluctuations, growing conditions etc. As a result, we can't always get everything on our menu organic. We have a hierarchy structure and work closely with our supplier to meet our priorities of organic first, local if organic is unavailable and conventional as a last resort. Our more controllable supplies however are always organic (and often local!), like our superfoods, hot teas, dairy products, honey, granola, kombucha (the list goes on). See our eco-creds page for more information about some of our suppliers.

+ Made-to-Order juices can take some time - what if I am in a rush?

In a hurry most mornings? Don't fret - you can order ahead the day before for our juices in either 6 packs or 3 packs. Our juices are good for up to 3 days in your fridge, so it's a convenient and easy way to have Rutabaga in the comfort of your own home.

+ Do you have seating at Rutabaga?

Sure do! We are designed very much like a deli and have a small area of limited seating (up to 8) inside with plenty of wi-fi to go around. Of course, all of our items are made to-go so it's convenient to just take away too.

+ Do you take credit cards and is there a minimum purchase?

We accept most major credit cards and no minimum purchase required. We use square so you can even have your receipt emailed to you for extra eco-karma.