Rutabaga Craft Juicery serves made-to-order cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies, and healthy breakfast, lunch and snack items to the wonderful city of Annapolis. We source locally and organic as much as possible and are eco-minded in all that we produce. We are proudly located on the corner of Annapolis Street and Melvin Ave - a convenient stop on the way to work with easy access to Rt. 50, Rt. 450 and downtown Annapolis.

Our Story


We are Stacey and Jim Heywood - and Rutabaga is our life. It wasn't always juice and food for us though. We both worked together in London, England in careers we found less-than-thrilling - another repeat edition of the office-bound crises so many of us suffer these days. So we threw in the towel and fled to Australia in pursuit of our real passions. For Stacey that was amazing food and for Jim that was fitness. Stacey studied for her WSET wine qualifications and Jim worked as a certified personal trainer. But it was his second job that really changed our lives to how we know it today. He worked in the Adelaide Central Market at a renowned market shop specializing in creative vegetarian food and made-to-order juices - it was there that we became hooked. 

After a few more worldly adventures, we returned to Annapolis, Maryland, Stacey's childhood home,to establish some roots. But with us we took our passion for living locally, seasonally and healthy that the Central Market in Adelaide so kindly taught us. But Annapolis felt vacant for convenient and healthy food choices. So we decided to change that. Combining Jim's background in health and fitness and Stacey's astute palette and restaurant upbringing - Rutabaga was born. On October 17th 2015 we laid our first Norwalk juicer on the counter at 116 Annapolis Street and unlocked the doors. We're proud to have a lifestyle and not just a job. Come see what we're making!